Saving Anna Karenina

Wouldn’t it have been nice if Anna had lived, reunited with Seryozha, and been allowed to legitimately quench her thirst for love? In this speculative sequel, the devastated countess takes a tragicomic visit to modern day New York City to do just that, finding herself on a less-than-ideal adventure.

Read it serialized in The Junction magazine.

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Oh, the Places Where You’ll Have a Nervous Breakdown

In a deeply personal tale of a young woman caught in a love triangle with two older women, we also find a precise, journalistic portrait of the modern cult of Burning Man. Meehan tells a brutally honest story that arouses sympathy and horror. It’s not Dr. Seuss, but more like an island of Doctor Moreau.


“Burning Man is obviously hell.” — Pam Houston

“It’s like Leonard Cohen‘s Beautiful Losers meets Craigslist meets Serial.” — William Deed

“Dosed and overdosed with equal parts truth and shame, a memoir of spurned love on a hallucinogen-fueled desert bender.” — Damascus Triola

“The story unwinds effortlessly, touching on joy and intensity.” — Dav Yaginuma